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Identifying and evaluating risks and vulnerabilities are critical steps in establishing an effective cybersecurity program. Our skilled and experienced security analysts can help your organization identify and evaluate risks, determine effective strategies for reducing and eliminating risks and managing those risks that cannot be eradicated.



Organizations face a growing amount of strict Federal and State regulations and industry-specific mandates for cybersecurity compliance. Our skilled and experienced compliance analysts will help your organization navigate and maintain compliance with these laws and guidelines. In fact, we guarantee compliance when our recommendations are followed!

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How We Work:

SCA employs a 4-stage optimized process for all relationships based on NIST guidelines.
Our proven process allows for measurable, repeatable, and defensible results that strengthen and elevate your cybersecurity and privacy programs.

01 sca-planning-how-we-work-min


All parties gain a comprehensive understanding of the scope and purpose of the engagement.
02 Controls


Gather and analyze all pertinent information and supporting documentation.
03 Professional Services


Document findings and strategize the best course of action for remediation.
04 people-process-technology


Present and discuss the findings and recommendations to client project owner(s), executive management and Board of Directors.